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Its been pain to solve the windows-1256 character set (Arabic) problem. Many times when my JSP form is submitted all the Arabic in fields turn to “?????” and the original Arabic text is lost. I have one line solution for this. But I can not assure you that it will work in all scenarios. But […]

If you want to validate an email field using simple and easy Javascript without any fancy looks then here is the function that can help you… Click more to find out the Javascript function

Sometime you want to share data placed on your local hard drive to a remote machine. In case of Remote Desktop application only Clipboard is shared. But you can also share your whole drive with the remote machine. Here is how you can do that. 1- First open Remote Desktop application from Start > All […]

This is the javascript code that will help you if you want to check or uncheck all the checkbox elements in your form. function checkall(){ for(i=0; i<document.FormName.elements.length; i++){ if(document.FormName.elements[i].type==”checkbox”){ document.FormName.elements[i].checked=true; } } } function uncheckall(){ for(i=0; i<document.FormName.elements.length; i++){ if(document.FormName.elements[i].type==”checkbox”){ document.FormName.elements[i].checked=false; } } }

Sometimes you really want to iterate through all elements of a form, especially if you want to debug and you want to know about every element in your form. Also if you want to perform same function similar elements, this comes in handy. For example, if you want to check/uncheck all the checkboxes in your […]

These are some of the best Linux commands that I have found from internet and used them personally. I’ll update the list as I get more useful commands. hostname Prints the name of the local host that you are currently working on. Use netconf to change the name of the machine. whoami This prints your […]

how to trim or eliminate the spaces in a string through javascript