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First of all you must be a little familiar with jQuery. But you are not expected to be a jQuery expert. Secondly, you must also be familiar with javascript and CSS and thirdly, you must be eager to learn :). For quite a few days I was searching for something that gives me the ability […]

Download executable jar from here. Put the downloaded file in C drive or anywhere you like Open command prompt ( Start > Run > write cmd and press OK)

There are two methods to deploy an application in tomcat 1- Deploy the application in webapps directory directly under tomcat directory. Put the .war file of project in webapp directory and restart tomcat. 2- You have a working project with correct directory structure anywhere on filesystem and you want to deploy that without moving it […]

This is one of the best Spring MVC tutorials. Although I am trying to write my own but I am not getting some spare time to do this job:p till than this tutorial will fulfill your desires. It includes Setup Hello World Model View Controller Form Processing Form Validation Dependency Injection (Inversion of Control) So […]

Its been pain to solve the windows-1256 character set (Arabic) problem. Many times when my JSP form is submitted all the Arabic in fields turn to “?????” and the original Arabic text is lost. I have one line solution for this. But I can not assure you that it will work in all scenarios. But […]

Sometimes you really want to iterate through all elements of a form, especially if you want to debug and you want to know about every element in your form. Also if you want to perform same function similar elements, this comes in handy. For example, if you want to check/uncheck all the checkboxes in your […]