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First of all you must be a little familiar with jQuery. But you are not expected to be a jQuery expert. Secondly, you must also be familiar with javascript and CSS and thirdly, you must be eager to learn :). For quite a few days I was searching for something that gives me the ability […]

Download executable jar from here. Put the downloaded file in C drive or anywhere you like Open command prompt ( Start > Run > write cmd and press OK)

Finding highest or lowest number in a column is easy, you can do that with max() and min() SQL function. But I had recently been asked in an interview to write a query that could find the second highest value in a table column. Ooops, and I didn’t do well in that interview either.LOL Before […]

To open the DBMS Output window in TOAD, go to View > DBMS output. To test if it is working or not  use the following procedure in TOAD sql editor and execute it. DECLARE tempvar NUMBER; BEGIN DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(‘hello world’); END; Have a look at the image displayed under. Write the SQL mention above into an […]

This is how you can create an oracle sequence Syntax CREATE SEQUENCE sequence_name MINVALUE VALUE MAXVALUE VALUE START WITH VALUE INCREMENT BY VALUE CACHE VALUE; A Demo CREATE SEQUENCE my_seq MINVALUE 1 MAXVALUE 999999999999999999999999999 START WITH 1 INCREMENT BY 1 CACHE 20; — If you don’t provide MAXVALUE its default value is 99999999999999999999999999

There are two methods to deploy an application in tomcat 1- Deploy the application in webapps directory directly under tomcat directory. Put the .war file of project in webapp directory and restart tomcat. 2- You have a working project with correct directory structure anywhere on filesystem and you want to deploy that without moving it […]

Sometime you want to share data placed on your local hard drive to a remote machine. In case of Remote Desktop application only Clipboard is shared. But you can also share your whole drive with the remote machine. Here is how you can do that. 1- First open Remote Desktop application from Start > All […]