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Finding highest or lowest number in a column is easy, you can do that with max() and min() SQL function. But I had recently been asked in an interview to write a query that could find the second highest value in a table column. Ooops, and I didn’t do well in that interview either.LOL Before […]

The next ubuntu stable version is going to be released on 23rd April 2009.If you want to order your free CDS use the following link If you want to know new features in ubuntu 9.04 as follows * Linux kernel version 2.6.28 * A new notification system * Faster boot times * GNOME 2.26 desktop […]

Its almost ready 🙂 Here is what Ubuntu team has to say The Ubuntu team is happy to bring you the latest and greatest software the Open Source community has to offer. This is their latest result, the Ubuntu 9.04 release candidate, which brings a host of excellent new features. Upgrading from Ubuntu 8.10 To […]