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I had a situation today, I accidentally executed SQL insert script twice. The bad thing was that the table had no primary key or unique key defined which may have stopped it from execution. Lesson: Not having Primary keys is a bad idea So, now I can not delete each row manually so I had […]

To open the DBMS Output window in TOAD, go to View > DBMS output. To test if it is working or not  use the following procedure in TOAD sql editor and execute it. DECLARE tempvar NUMBER; BEGIN DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(‘hello world’); END; Have a look at the image displayed under. Write the SQL mention above into an […]

If your Up, Down, Left,Right arrow keys,  Backspace and some other keys are not working in TOAD, then follow these steps to eliminate the problem. 1- Close TOAD 2- Go to the \User Files directory. You will find the directory under the TOAD home direcotry where it is installed. In my case it is “C:\Program […]